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Tiny tots

Weekend Houses, Ratnagiri

Architecture + Interiors + Landscape design

Status - Ongoing

Site area - 2000 sq.ft

Built up area - 800 sq.ft 

Status - Ongoing

Earthy, economical & functional with forms that compliment the context with varied elements added to the int-exterior will take you closer to nature! Small plots of 2000sq.ft with an built up of 800sq.ft (lower+upper) just sufficient for a family to rejoice in nature-with nature. The vision is to make the whole urban insert of bunch of plots into one architectural style that would relate to the place & the context where the beach is in close proximity, rains are heavy, summers are hot and plenty of stone available to use on-site and that's where the sloping roofs, stone walls and earthy flooring, long columns, veranda's, trees and kitchen gardens came into the picture. The design takes you back to your roots respecting today's needs & requirements when you see all the natural materials used in your house, experiencing an earthy NATURAL HABITAT.

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