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Dark Knight

Ultra luxury homes, Pune

Home Interiors

Status - Completed

We recall back then at the first site meeting with our clients, they referred to us of having darker textures, colors as the overall ambience of the house while keeping the space more “still structured”. This came out as a challenge to design and detail out every space such that the darker shades do not affect the scale and proportion or the overall livable environment for a house. The language of this 4-bedroom house is thus set upon to create spaces that could present a calmer environment with a darker color pallete. Using of black, grey, rustic red and darker polished wood as the overall finish for the wall, furniture, floor and ceiling, sets as the base mood board for the house. Overall geometry combined with minimalistic forms and finishes allows the home to adhere lavishness and luxury for its occupants through a deep, matured and delightful set of home interiors.

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