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A habitat amidst the open.

Private bungalow, Talegaon, Pune

Architecture + Interiors

Status - Ongoing

Site area - 3100 sq.ft

Staus - Ongoing

Juxtaposed with the massing and proportions is a small private residence on a small plot with large requirements. Though a smaller area to work on, a triple height court is added where straight flight stairs ascend and skylight lit up the space with natural light. The front side is a bold statement of strong architectural proportion. The structure makes a bold statement through its juxtaposed functional spaces reflecting on its elevation treatment which are placed climatically. The west side marks the solid surfaces with each room's service spaces to create privacy from the adjoining plot and thus has a dead face yet aesthetically maintaining the form and design. Floating slab from the top terrace, skylight for the court, open terrace makes it all a habitat worth staying in.

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