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A Parallel Connect

Cafe Interiors, Akurdi, PCMC

Cafe Interiors

Status - Completed

Area: 150 sq.ft​

The story behind the project: ‘there has to be one’

Designed for an engineer couple who are extremely fond of making great food and beverages as their hobby, rented a small space and dreamt of a complete makeover for the space which would not only make the space look bigger but also pleasant enough to excite the customers visiting the cafe.

Concept: ‘that’s how it came into being’

We worked on a simple concept of adding parallel lines all over the vertical and ceiling surfaces and many DIY additions to thrill the space and excite the customers. The lines create a geometry and rhythm which continues everywhere from furniture units to ceiling. They also act as electrical ducting for the ceiling to pass on the conduits of hanging lights and ceiling fan which makes it easy to conceal all the wires, and with added bright colours, the lines in the form of a conduit, beautifully merges with the whole concept, functionally and aesthetically.

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